ABMK Provincial Council - 2022-2024 

 Rejoicing in the Vineyard of the Lord!   National 102nd Convention - Kelowna BC -     August 13 - 18, 2022

Prayer of Hope for the 102nd Convention


Join Judy's Pray the Rosary via Zoom - June 9 to October 27

Thursdays' 7:30 p.m. (MDT)  


Pope Francis Visit to Canada - July 24 to 29 - click here for information


 ABMK 75TH ANNUAL CONVENTION  - Annual Report Book 2022 (reporting on 2021)


CATHOLIC and LIVING IT! - Theme for 2022-2024 

At the January meeting of the ABMK council it was decided that the National Theme will stand on its own for ABMK. Councils are encouraged to add to the theme to help make it their own. 

ABMK President's Challenge - leave no member behind ----


March for Life 2022

Seniors Advocacy - "Urge the Alberta Provincial Government to amend the Alberta Health Act that the Seniors' Advocate is an Officer of the Legislature and therefore Independent"

Background information    Sample Letter    

Please respond by February 28, 2022


Synod 2021 2023

Advent Retreat - Communion Participation Mission A Synodal Church

Synod Prayer     Vademecum     Vatican Resources

National Spiritual Communique - We are Invited! Are we Listening?

Provincial Council works: 

Communications Communique 12 - World Communications Day - May 29, 2022

RESOLUTION Communique 6 - Resolution 2013.01 Building Relationships with Canada's Indigenous People

President's Communique - Catholic and Living It

Communications Communique - OLGC Mass

ABMK Legacy Donation to STAR OF THE NORTH  

ABMK Donation to St. Mary's University - CWL Chair for Catholic Studies


The Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Truth and Reconciliation - Indigenous People

Delegation to Rome - what you need to know!

Canada Bishop's Announce Indigenous Reconciliation Fund ......

Special Intentions for Indigenous People

CCCB - Indigenous People

Walking Together Toward Healing and Reconciliation: Journey Through Advent 2021

Updated links to: 

Statement of Apology by the Catholic Bishops of Canada to the Indigenous Peoples of This Land

Archdiocese of Edmonton Indigenous Relations 

A Personal Testimony from Fr. Cristino Bouvette - his perspective of being both a Catholic Priest and man of Indigenous heritage

CCCB Prayer for June 21, 2021 - National Indigenous Peoples Day - Prayer for Tolerance, Forgiveness, Reconciliation

215  215  215  and how many more........

CCB Statement regarding recent discovery at former Kamloops Indian Residential School 

Expression of Sympathy from ABMK CWL Provincial Council -   

Judy Look - President Communique #7 - to be Agents of Change

Statement from the National Catholic Women's League 



2021 Annual Report Book (reporting on 2020)  2020 Annual Report Book (reporting on 2019)

MemorialService - as presented on June 5  - this powerpoint file will download to your desktop

Father Walter Krewski Award - as presented on June 5 - this powerpoint file will download to your desktop

Bill C-7  Legislation   Prayers for LIFE - Respect for Life Prayers


Education and Health        Christian Family Life 

Covid-19 - Vaccine Development - Letters to Premier Kenny and Prime Minister Trudeau 


Provincial Council:

Provincial Policies - 2021

Sheila M. Houle, Life Member and Past Provincial President - memorial

Ardis Beaudry - Honorary Life Member - Obit

Sharon Malec Memorial - Legislation Chair - RIP

Alberta March for Life - May 13, 2021 - Poster

Catholic Education Week - go to Education and Health

Bishops Meeting with ABMK - Notes from June 10, 2020 -

12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care - Review Christian Family Life Communique 4  

Your Provincial Council  

Now and at the Hour of our Death .......a letter from The Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories 

Provincial Convention 2017 - CWL reaches out to Young Women



FIRESIDE CHAT - with Honorary Life Members, Saturday January 9, 2022 - review it here

Congratulations to Fran Lucas - National President 2021-2023 - Fran Lucas hails from the Diocese of Edmonton. She becomes the third National President of the Catholic Women's League of Canada in the 21st century to come from Alberta! Along with Fran we congratulate Cathy bouchard, 2nd Vice President and Spiritual Chair from Red Deer and Dorothy Johansen, Christian Family Life Chair, from Edmonton.

2021 Annual Meeting Update and Program

Prayer of Hope for 2022 Convention - Kelowna BC, August 2022

Convention Reports:  2020-cancelled: National Speakers Series - National Website

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ABMK HighLights 2017

Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation


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Catholic Women's Leadership Foundation - Newsletter 2020

GrACE - Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education 

PROVINCIAL INITIATIVE - Independent Seniors' Advocate 

Seniors Advocate Letter to Government - July 2020

Senior Advocate Letter to Government - NOVEMBER  2019


Biography of Current Senior's Advocate

action plan UPDATE - Sept2015  sample letter 
action plan MEMO & REPORT FORM - Sept2015 
action plan UPDATE - June-Sept2015

introductory letter  action plan process  need - background points from Fall 2014  petition   

Meeting with the Alberta Gov't - February 24, 2020 - General Report.    President Judy Look's Report 

Meeting with Alberta Provincial Government - Report (April 12, 2016)


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