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2019 Award Presentation (this will open in youtube)

Elsie Yanik Award Winner Presentation 2018

2018 Award Presentation (this will open in youtube)

Elsie Yanik Biography
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council, the Elsie Yanik Award was initiated (in 1997)
to commemorate the leadership and ministry/service of Elsie Yanik to the Catholic community in the diocese of Mackenzie-Fort
1. This award shall be presented annually, if applicable, at the discretion of members of the Alberta Mackenzie Provincial
Council Awards Committee, which consists of the President, President-Elect, Spiritual Development Chairperson, and
Spiritual Advisor.
2. The recipient shall be a CWL member living in Alberta Mackenzie.
3. This honorary award shall consist of an individual plaque presented to the recipient; and a permanent plaque, which is
inscribed with the names of all recipients. The permanent plaque shall be kept with the recipient’s council for display
purposes until the following provincial convention.
4. Nomination of a member must be submitted by a Parish or Diocesan Council.
5. Deadline for submissions shall be December 31 of each year.
6. The Committee shall notify the recipient by February 15.
7. The recipient shall have her transportation, registration, room, and meals paid to attend the annual provincial convention to
receive the award.

Criteria for Eligibility
The nominee must:
1. be a League member in good standing (has paid her membership fee in the current year);
2. portray a leadership role;
3. have demonstrated a commitment to ministry/service in an area or areas of need in a parish or community.

Father Walter Krewski Awards

The Father Walter Krewski Awards are given annually to three councils in the Alberta Mackenzie area for increases in
membership during the previous year. The Awards began in 2007 and are presented each year at the Provincial Convention.

Father Walter Krewski Award Winners 1 2018
Father Walter Krewski Award Winners 2 2018
Father Walter Krewski Report to Convention 2018

Father Walter Krewski Awards Criteria

  Parish Award (New Members) Application Form (download file)

  Diocesan Treasurer or Organization Chairperson Award Application Form (download file)


 Summary of Father Walter Krewski Award Winners 2007-2018

Complete the application form(s) and contact the Organization Chairperson for the mailing address.
The deadline for submission of the forms is February 28, 2021.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.