Annual Reports and Membership Parishes have now completed the online annual report and the 2017 survey had been revised to include information requested from across Canada. The collating, charting and some formatting of information in the annual parish reports is being completed at national office, and should be sent to dioceses upon completion in late February. This will necessitate a delay in diocesan and provincial chairpersons’ completion of their written reports this year . Hence, please be advised that annual reports will be due as follows:


Diocesan Chairpersons To Diocesan President & Provincial Chairpersons March 15, 2018

Diocesan Presidents To Provincial President March 31, 2018

Provincial Chairpersons To Provincial President & National Chairpersons March 31, 2018

Provincial Presidents To National President & National Office April 15, 2018

National Chairpersons To National President & National Office April 15, 2018

National President To National Office April 30, 2018 


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CWL Alberta Mackenzie Annual Report 2015

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