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CWL Provincial Convention 2017 - Fri/Sat June 09-10 in north Edmonton AB
Future CWL National Convention dates
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Upcoming Events

Diocesan Events
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 - 2016 -
Christmas Day = Sunday December 25

 - 2017 -
New Year's Day = Sunday January 01
Sat. Jan. 21, 2017
CWL Edmonton Diocesan Mid-Winter Meeting (OLPH, Sherwood Park)
Fri-Sun Jan. 27-29, 2017
CWL ABMK Mid-Winter Executive Meeting (FCJ Centre, Calgary)
Sat. Feb. 18, 2017
CWL Calgary Diocesan Officers Meeting (location TBA)
Sat. Feb. 25, 2017
CWL Grouard-McLennan Diocesan Spiritual Workshop (Beaverlodge)
Fri-Sun March 03-05, 2017
Lost Apostle musical production (Arden Theatre, St. Albert)
Fri-Sun Apr. 21-23, 2017
CWL Edmonton Diocesan Convention (Corpus Christi, Edmonton (hosted by Zone 9, SouthEast Edm))
Sat. Apr. 22, 2017
CWL Grouard-McLennan Diocesan Convention (Bezanson) - elections
Fri-Sun Apr. 28-30, 2017
CWL Mackenzie-Fort Smith (53rd) Diocesan Convention (Hay River NT)
Fri/Sat May 05-06, 2017 CWL Calgary Diocesan Convention (Calgary NE, AB)
Fri-Sat June 09-10, 2017
CWL ABMK Provincial Convention (St. Charles Church, Edmonton / hosted by Edm Dioc Cncl, Zone 9 North segment)
Fri/Sat Sept. ?-?, 2017
CWL ABMK Fall Executive Meeting (St. Albert AB)
Sat. Sept. 23, 2017
CWL Calgary Diocesan Fall (Executive Meeting &) Workshop (Medicine Hat)
 - 2018 -

Fri-Sun Jan. ?-?, 2018
CWL ABMK Mid-Winter Executive Meeting (Leduc AB)
CWL National Conventions - details on CWL national web
-August 16-19, 2015 Vancouver BC
-August 14-17, 2016 Halifax NS
-August 6-9, 2017 Charlottetown PEI
-August 11-14, 2018 Winnipeg MB
-August 18-21, 2019 Calgary AB
-August 09-12, 2020 Montreal QC

Past News Items of Continuing Interest   

May 09, 2011 CWL's patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel | WCR article |
January-April every year!  Tax Protest against Abortion funding -- include with your tax return
January 12, 2010  REPORT on Meeting with Government (provincial president & legislation chairperson)

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January-April   Tax Time - AN ABORTION PROTEST - Personal Declaration
File this, or a similar statement, along with your income tax return!

Canada Revenue Agency
Government of Canada

I wish to protest the use of my tax money to support, in my province and at the federal level, the legalized killing known as abortion.  I wish to state that, despite my strong protest, I am unwillingly forced to participate through my taxes in the taking of innocent human life.  I would like this statement to be permanently filed with my tax records to show that this involvement is not voluntary and is against the dictates of my conscience.

Social Insurance Number:

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