The Catholic Women's League of Canada

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Almost 10,000 Catholic women belong to the CWL in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, adding to the strength of the League with nearly 100,000 members nationally.

new.gif **POSTPONED** pending outcome of new Seniors Ministry - PROVINCIAL INITIATIVE - Independent Seniors' Advocate (June-Dec 2014).
CWL ABMK Annual Report Book 2013  (as reported at Prov Conv 2014) - posted June 09/14

- **Euthanasia presentation - April 2014

Provincial Officers (2013-2015) - see Council Information page - Communiques
  Synod on FAMILY and EVANGELIZATION - consultation letter, document & questions.
CWL ABMK Provincial NEWSLETTER (Oct2012)
CWL Provincial Initiative: Nickels for the North (letter of Mar25/14)

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Elsie Yanik carries the Olympic Torch (Nov 06/09) / CWL DVD produced by Salt + Light TV (DVD)

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