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It includes areas where we can help, also a section on Marijuana Legislation and Alcohol Abuse. 
Pope Francis is referring to these issues as “a new form of slavery’.



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Historically, parishioners of Alberta have responded with great generosity in times of crisis at home and around the world.
The response to the devastation caused by the fire in Fort McMurray has been no exception. More than $270,000 has been raised and forwarded to the Diocese of St. Paul. Fifty percent of funds raised will be used to support the parishes in Fort McMurray, and fifty percent will be given to the Fort McMurray Ministerial Association for any of the families under their ministry. Policies and procedures have been put in place to ensure funds are disbursed and managed fairly and ethically. There is still a need for further support as families and businesses begin to rebuild. 
Funds can continue to be donated through your Diocese and will be forwarded to the Diocese of St. Paul. 
You can also donate directly via Canada Helps:

Thank you for extending your love and generosity to our neighbours in Fort McMurray.

Fort McMurray WILDFIRES - posted May06/16
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