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Almost 10,000 Catholic women belong to the CWL in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, adding to the strength of the League with 85,000 members nationally.

new.gifCWL letter to Education Minister - Jan26/16

and Education Letter to Members - Jan26/16

CWL ABMK Newsletter (Issue 1-web) - Sept2015
(web version) - posted July 2015

Legislative Response to Carter v Canada
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Laudato Si' = Praise Be to You - On Care for our Common Home
papal encyclical (June 2015) - info & links page

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Truth & Reconciliation Commission (June 2015) - info & links page

International Eucharistic Congress (Jan24-31, 2016 in Cebu, Philippines)
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PHOTO: Province Night at CWL National Convention (Aug18/15)


PROVINCIAL INITIATIVE - Independent Seniors' Advocate
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CWL Provincial Initiative: Nickels for the North (letter of Mar25/14)

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